Throttle Shrottle: A Hub for Bikers and Dogs

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Throttle Shrottle is a biker workshop-turned-cafe where bike enthusiasts gather to discuss their experiences, and to generally socialise. They also cater to your pets and prepare some yummy, fresh food for them too.

How it revved up

Throttle Shrottle is the venture of Saurav Priyadarshini, who used to be a designer at Reebok. After a stint in apparel design, he moved on to bikes and soon realised it was his calling. Throttle Shrottle came about shortly after. The space they started out at happened to have a kitchen, so they started serving some grub too, because, why not? Now they’re a fully functional cafe.

Being biker, 24/7

The cafe is open 365 days a year, all day, all night. So whenever you feel like some biker love, you can zoom your way there. Sunday mornings are the busiest time for Throttle Shrottle, when they cater to around 200 bikers. The menu includes snacks such as bun maska, sandwiches, and dimsums, to more filling fare such as parathas, chilli chicken, wraps and litti chokha {on special request}.

Friday evenings are social nights where you’ll find bikers learning/interacting with a guest artist or simply unwinding over screenings of MTV Unplugged or Coke Studio; they have a projector for these occasions.

The DL on the ambience

The cafe is entirely made of junk and recycled material – think tyres, tin and titbits from the local kabariwala. You’ll also find tyres hanging off trees amidst the wooden, grungy space.

Barks and recreation

Bikers, like the rest of us, love dogs. It’s a fact. So for those of you who want to go out for a meal with your pooch, Throttle Shrottle is your destination {no, you don’t have to be a biker to do this}. They have an in-house chef who is trained to cook for dogs. So based on your pet’s preference {vegetarian or non-vegetarian}, the chef will whip up a soup or a meal in a bowl at a flat rate of INR 100.

So whether you’re an avid biker or just want to take your dog out for a lovely meal, we say Throttle Shrottle is definitely worth a visit.

Price: INR 400 for two {approx}, INR 100 for a doggy meal