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No Beach In Sight? Wear This Tie-&-Dye Collection To Work

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    Dressfolk aims at making traditional Indian art forms more accessible by rendering them in everyday silhouettes. The debut tie and dye collection, called Daily Traditions, celebrates Rajasthani bandhani for one. 

    Life’s A Beach Everywhere

    We’re glad our love for tie and dye doesn’t have to be restricted to dupattas or sarees any more, nor do we have to plan a beach holiday to be able to walk around in those breezy, white and indigo dyed dresses.

    Enter Dressfolk—and we can wear them in the Delhi metro or on Shahpur Jat shopping sprees without looking like a misplaced hippie.

    Between Formal And Casual

    Sick of boring workwear? Or wondering if there’s something that doesn’t scream ambitious like a tailored suit? You can browse through the brand’s range of shirts, dresses, jackets, culottes, skirts and more to add the right amount of spunk. 

    Every piece at Dressfolk is handcrafted and proudly wears human imperfections that are a part and parcel of the design process. And if you ask us, we like that no two things look alike on the site.

    So, We’re Saying…

    Ditch the monochrome and team those drab coats with these tie and dye beauties {especially if you have coffee dates straight after work}. 

      Available on LBB