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Time To Head Out To Viet:Nom For Some Delicious Asian Comfort Food!

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As the city is starting to open up, there are a few places that I have eagerly waited to visit. Mainly places that serve cuisines we can't always replicate at home and spaces that have a lot of good memories associated with them, for me, one such place is, Viet: Nom. Bang in the centre of Cyberhub, this is one place that made a mark from the day it opened. The combination of light wood and all the hues of rich tropical foliage, Viet:Nom has an ambience that is warm, fresh and cosy. It's a place you can let your hair down and tank up on cocktails and small bites or order a huge lavish meal and enjoy a Sunday brunch with family and friends, it is a place that spells camaraderie. The first thing that impressed me about Viet:Nom was the amount of research that seemed to have gone into the menu, it was authentic Vietnamese food with a few tweaks here and there to make it conducive for people who were new to the cuisine. The other was how much thought went into the minutest of details, like the crockery, food presentation and even the uniforms for the staff.

Since Viet:Nom has reopened, we have visited and ordered in and I'm happy to report that both the experiences have been great. A lot of care has gone into making the 'new normal', comfortable for guests and the fact that the service and food is exactly how I remember it is so gratifying. We also ordered home, since the menu is so large, just one visit is never enough and the food came beautifully packed, completely intact and as delicious as it is at the restaurant. I recommend that you start with the Salmon Roll, the fish is fresh and sea sweet, the rolls are loaded compared to Japanese sushi, there are perfectly ripe avocado and a topping of fish roe. Next was the 7 Treasure Gyoza, ideal for vegetarians, despite the travel time, the dumplings were moist and intact, we also had the Pork and Renkon Dimsum, renkon is lotus root and this pairing of meat and veggies made this one of our favourites. For the main course, we had to repeat the Chicken Mango Curry with Jasmine Rice, it is an absolute must-have, seasonal ripe mangoes add a subtly sweet and signature tanginess that's so unusual yet very pleasant. I suggest you don't miss the Char-Grilled Pork Ribs, which are pitched as a start but given the portion size, they're an ideal side for the main course. For vegetarians, the options are as varied, Vietnamese cuisine is very balanced that way and since they braise and steam mostly, the vegetables retain their flavour, colour and texture, making each dish delicious. We chose the Vietnamese Veg Curry and Exotic Vietnamese Veg along with the Herb Tofu and paired it with wok-tossed noodles. This spread actually turned out to be two meals for the five of us, so kudos for the portion size.

The next time you're craving Asian food, don't settle for the usual, give Viet: Nom a go and you will find a beautiful combination of the new and the unusual. That's where this menu wins hearts, it's not a cuisine we know too well but the food is adapted in a subtle way, making it authentic yet familiar.