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Indulge In Tranquility And Exotic Living At Tisara Villas In Sri Lanka


    For some no-stress, quiet time, check into Tisara Villas for its swanky villas, pool and Jayalath; their in-house Ayurveda masseuse!

    Perfect Hideaway

    Approximately two hours away from capital city Colombo, Galle, the intriguing fort, sits pretty. And just a twenty-minute ride away is the impressive, and luckily well-hidden, Tisara Villas. High walls and a massive gate guard the property, and you know you’ll be able to disconnect from the rest of the world the instant you drive into the secluded space, marked by papaya, banana and pineapple groves. You’ll be whisked away to one of the nine villas surrounding their beautiful pool.

    Making Room

    Eco-friendly, elegant and like the holiday-home of your dreams; these villas ooze charm. Meant for longer stays {oh how we love chilling here}, there are two bedrooms, a living area, a private terrace and garden, including our personal favourite spot—the half-indoor and half-open air bathroom.

    Minimalist décor means the serene vibes weave seamlessly into the rooms, too. We love the old-school four-poster bed with mosquito nets and antique furniture that perfectly compliment the easy-going vibes. But best of all, you can roll out of bed and splash straight into the swimming pool!

    Palate Teaser

    Since it’s positioned to be your home away from home, the staff will indulge you when it comes to food. Fresh food is prepared for every meal, and they really pamper you by asking what you’d like to have a few hours in advance.

    Their elaborate menu covers Oriental and European cuisine with a smattering of Sri Lankan. Our advice would be to stay as long as you need to eat everything on the menu; from Swordfish Steak {mango and pomegranate salsa, bitter greens and jasmine rice} and Lagoon Prawns with Avocado to bitter greens and coconut hearts and roasted red pepper vinaigrette. However, the Sri Lanka curry with with your choice of meat or veggies wins the top spot for us. Plus, if you head to the market and bring back fresh catch, the staff will be happy to whip up a customised meal for you.

    Wandering Out

    Koggala Beach is a five-minute walk from this place, but head here in the evening so you don’t melt. And of course, the rest of Galle, small and easy to cover on foot, must be on your to-see list. We’d recommend a pit-stop at Nico’s as well; a quaint bakery/café serving divine croissants while you enjoy listening to the piano.


    Each guest is given a key to the property along with the room keys, making it really safe for kids. In fact, you can even leave the tots to play about in the garden and zip into town if needed, and be assured that they’ll be perfectly safe.

    Where: Duwa Road, Koggala, Galle

    Price: INR 16,000 upwards per villa {four persons}

    Contact: +94 770845452

    Find out more about them here.