Herbed Taro To Spiced Okra: You've Got To Try These Vacuum Fried Chips


    What Makes It Awesome

    To Be Honest's range of snacks are delicious, healthy, and vegan. Honestly, we don't need more reasons to switch to this brand for our regular dose of snacks. Tossed from 100 per cent real vegetables, TBH makes vacuum cooked crunchies. Which means less oil and more nutrients. 

    Whether you love bhindi or not — their Okra Crunchies are worth hoarding. Perfect to go with your chai, these crunchies are indulgent. Of course, there's more. From Herbed Taro Crunchies to Crispy Beetroot Crunchies — you can literally eat all your veggies. And your mom might not complain too. 

    They've also got Golden Sweet Potato and Purple Sweet Potato crunchies that are worth trying.