Unite With Food At This Restaurant In Gurgaon


    What Makes It Awesome

    Together At 12th is an experimental, fine-dining restaurant in Gurgaon. Almost everything on their menu is influenced by different cultures and regions of India and the idea of everybody coming 'together'.

    The restaurant has abundant seating area options, you can even go with a big group.

    They have some of Delhi's most qualified bartenders and a well-curated beverage menu. You can choose from teas, coffees, super cool cocktails and fruity mocktails. If Old Monk is your poison, you will love this drink called 'Reunion' (it's inspired by college days, spiked-cola-bottles and is served in a cola can).

    Together's food menu is vast and unique. Their vegetarian dishes (like 'Mushroom, Spinach') were delicious, and you can trust a hardcore non-vegetarian (read: me) on that. I recommend you also try their seafood options (ask for snapper and prawn dishes). And their deserts were honestly too pretty to eat.

    Unlike many fine-dining restaurants, their portion sizes were surprisingly decent and filling.

    The restaurant also grows their own herbs, spices and plants (like fennel, mustard and edible pansies). All the vegetables and fruits at the restaurant are procured locally, and they often use peels like dried tomato skin and pressed ginger as garnish for their drinks and dishes.

    What Could Be Better

    There's really nothing that could be better.

    The place is easily accessible (both by car and metro), has good service, offers a unique menu, and have decent portion sizes. On top of that, their decor perfectly displays their values and ideas (don't miss out on the 'Together Wall').


    You should enquire about their beautiful range of indoor plants and herbs as it's really an experience.