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5 Top Air Purifiers We Recommended Based On Price & Features For Your Home.


    Air purifiers have become a necessary home electronic purchase due to the quality of air degrading. Whether you live in a crowded metro or away from the hustle and bustle, investing in an air purifier in 2022 is paramount. In this list of the best air purifiers in India that you can buy online, we have picked up quality air purifiers based on the price, features, and overall effectiveness. These air purifiers are a good investment when you are looking for clean air to breathe for you and everyone at home. Save this list and share it with folks who might be looking to buy an air purifier online. Oh, and if there's an air purifier that you swear by, we'd love to hear your review about it. 

    Coway Professional Air Purifier AirMega 150

    AirMega 150

    AirMega 150


    The AirMega 150 air purifier from Coway has a room coverage of up to 355 square feet and its patented urethan carbon filter and Green Anti-Flu True HEPA filter each have a filter life of 8,500 hours. The HEPA filter is useful and claims to remove 99.97 per cent particles as small as 0.1 microns which means things such as dust mites, bacteria, viruses, and pollen will be filtered out from the air. 

    The three-step filtration process ensures clean air -- the washable pre-filter that removes dust, dirt, and PM 10 particles, the urethane carbon filter to remove bad odour and harmful gases, and the HEPA filter to remove viruses, allergens, and bacteria. 

    Top Features: Real-Time Air Quality Monitor, Auto Mode, Filter Cleaning Indicator, and Patented Filter Technology

    Price: INR 34,900 

    Mi Air Purifier 3

    Mi Air Purifier 3

    Mi Air Purifier 3


    The Mi Air Purifier 3 is a smart purifier with lots of features that can be controlled via the Mi Home App. The air purifier is designed to work in all weathers come rain or shine, so rest assured a 365 days of clean air for you to breathe at home. The air purifier uses a three-layer filtration process (it has a HEPA filter) to ensure high-quality air and has a clean air delivery (CDR) rate of 380-metre cube per hour meaning it can provide clean air up to 484 square feet.

    It's also compact in design meaning you can place it anywhere without any hindrance. It comes with a centrifugal fan and brushless motor to maximise the output of clean air. It ensures consistent airflow as well. 

    Features: OLED Touch Display, 360 Degree Triple Later Filteration, Works with Voice Assistant, Laser Particle Sensor, and Smart App Control

    Price: INR 12,999

    Philips 2000i Series Air Purifer

    2000i Series Air Purifier with HEPA Filter - AC2959/63

    2000i Series Air Purifier with HEPA Filter - AC2959/63


    The Philips 2000i Series air purifier claims to purifier the air in less than eight minutes and removes up to 99.9 per cent of viruses and aerosols from the air. The compact air purifier has low energy consumption and has a sleep mode that ensures quiet operation while you are sleeping.

    It uses a three-layer filtration to remove 99.97 per cent of particles and the filters include a NanoProtect HEPA filter and a carbon filter. 

    Features: Real-Time Air Quality Display, Auto Ambient Light, Auto Mode & 3x Speed Manual Mode, Smart Filter Indicator, and App Control 

    Price:  INR 25,995

    Sharp J Series Air Purifier

    Dual Purification - ACTIVE (Plasma Cluster Technology) and PASSIVE FILTERS (True HEPA H14, Carbon, Pre-Filter) | Model : FP-J80M-H

    Dual Purification - ACTIVE (Plasma Cluster Technology) and PASSIVE FILTERS (True HEPA H14, Carbon, Pre-Filter) | Model : FP-J80M-H


    This Sharp FP-J80M-H air purifier model comes with a proprietary Plasmaculture Technology that used charged ions to remove odour and contaminants from the air. The coverage area is 680 square feet and has seven filtration modes depending on your requirements. The air purifier used a three-filtration technology that uses a True HEPA and Active Carbon filters. The filter life is up to two years. 

    Features: Spot Mode, Real-Time PM 2.5 Monitor, Auto Mode, Haze Special Mode, Touch Panel, and Room Light Detection 

    Price: INR 39,000

    Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower

    Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower

    Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower


    The Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower air purifier is one of the stylish air purifiers in India we have come across and it's also one of those purifiers that looks good and does a good job. This air purifier is meant for larger rooms and spaces and the oscillating feature ensures maximum coverage. 

    It uses an Air Multiplier technology that increases the volume of the surrounding area to ensure constant airflow. It also has Dual Function that purifies air whether it's cold or hot. The air purifier is also certified Asthma and Allergy Friendly. 

    Features: 360 Degree Glass HEPA Filter, Intelligent Purification, Remote Control, and Night-time Mode

    Price: INR 24,900