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Best Gifts To Send Your Boss Before Appraisals


    Now that we have your attention, no, please don't send your bosses anything during appraisals. Do it any other time of the year, instead. You wouldn't wanna look like a suck-up now, would you?

    Choosing the right kind of gift for your boss can be... well, tricky. You don't want to seem too eager to please but also convey your respect and appreciation. So, yes. It can be pretty intimidating. But it doesn't have to be if you know exactly what to get them and what would look appropriate. Nothing too exorbitant yet classy enough. 

    To help, we've rounded up a bunch of gifts you can get for every kind of boss. Disclaimer: these won't land you in any trouble. Promise. 

    For The Boss Who Is A Secret Ninja

    Artisanal Granola Gift Box - Pack of 4

    Artisanal Granola Gift Box - Pack of 4


    So, your boss is on a health spree and never misses their early morning workout sessions? Get them this box of artisanal granolas from Grainola in four flavours - Vanilla Almond Butter; Cinnamon Peanut Butter; Hazelnut & Belgian Chocolate; and Sea Salt Dark Chocolate. It's gluten-free, filling and definitely something your boss will appreciate. 

    Price: INR 1,200

    For The Boss Whose Coffee Mug Is Never Empty

    Instant Coffee with Brass Dawara Tumbler - 100gm

    Instant Coffee with Brass Dawara Tumbler - 100gm


    If you know how your boss prefers to take their coffee, you're in the clear. And if you don't, strike a conversation. Either way, VS Mani & Co's Instant Coffee is a safe bet. It's a blended coffee with zero bitter aftertastes. Sweet! It comes with a shiny brass tumbler so that's cool. 

    Price: INR 580

    Want more options? We're all coffee junkies here at LBB and these are our go-to brands for coffee.  

    For The Boss Who Recently Became A Plant Parent

    Wicker Bamboo Round Tabletop Planter

    Wicker Bamboo Round Tabletop Planter


    Did your boss recently introduce their plants to you and ask for name suggestions? We guessed so. Trellis Bliss is a brand that does handpainted jute, bamboo and water hyacinth planters that double up as lovely décor. This wicker bamboo desk planter will be a nice addition to their WFH desks. 

    Price: INR 709

    Want to dig a little deeper? Here's our guide on indoor plants and the best planters that you need to buy for them. 

    For The Boss Who Makes Sure You Never Miss A Deadline

    Seed Paper Calendar 2021- Abstraction

    Seed Paper Calendar 2021- Abstraction


    Despite having their calendars full, all seven days a week, our bosses still manage to squeeze in those catch-up calls whenever we request it. This next gift is something practical and that will cheer them up for sure. A Seed Paper Calendar from Plantables is a perfect gift and eco-friendly too. 

    Price: INR 737

    For The Boss Who Needs To Relax

    Orchid & Vanilla Luxury Scented Reed Diffuser

    Orchid & Vanilla Luxury Scented Reed Diffuser


    When we're busy not thinking about work on weekends, our chiefs are never off duty. This scented reef diffuser from Wisdom will make for a damn relaxing gift. It's got a set of divine smelling, Orchid & Vanilla reeds that will set the tone for peaceful weekends and holidays. 

    Price: INR 2,800

    For more options, head to this list of budget home fragrances to buy online. 

    For The Boss Who Loves To Play Host

    Birthday Box (8 Mixer Sachets + 4 Coasters + Magnet + Shaker + Measurer + Stirrer and Eco Friendly Straws)

    Birthday Box (8 Mixer Sachets + 4 Coasters + Magnet + Shaker + Measurer + Stirrer and Eco Friendly Straws)


    If your boss is the designated bartender at all office parties, give them this "Birthday Box" by Drinktales. It's got eight cocktail mixer sachets, four coasters, one magnet, a shaker, measurer, stirrer and eco-friendly straws. 

    Price: INR 2,799

    Don't go unprepared, learn some easy cocktail recipes and become the life of all your work parties. 

    For The Boss Who Has Just Moved Into A New Pad

    Contemporary Metal Vase (9 inches)

    Contemporary Metal Vase (9 inches)


    Manor House is an excellent homegrown brand that is perfect for anyone who loves contemporary décor. This handcrafted pink metal vase can be used as a centrepiece and decorated with dry flowers or fresh ones too. A nice housewarming present, don't you think?

    Price: INR 1,680

    Add in a few dinner accents there and you're golden.