Trade Goods and Services on Barterstreets

Aditya posted on 16 February

We found a really cool website and app called Barterstreets, which is a social-friendly platform for users to trade items and services with ease. And by items, we mean literally anything.

Out with the old

We were immediately interested when we first heard of Barterstreets. There have been many a time when we have tried to sell an old instrument, or a worn out chair on sites like eBay or in a flea market and have been met with either ridicule or smirks {at our asking price}.

It is hard, isn’t it, for someone else to tell you what an item means to you. These discrepancies in value usually arise when dealing with money, but what if you are trading instead? One item of value, for another?

In with the new

That is what the Barterstreets platform attempts to achieve. Simply upload a picture of your item, write what you want in return, and wait for offers. What we really liked is the ‘Open to Ideas’ option, whereby people can offer a variety of items to you in return for yours {if you don’t want something specific in return}.

We found the app pretty easy to navigate, and saw some really interesting things on there. You can trade skills {which is awesome} like language lessons, dance classes, massage therapies or even legal services. Skills can be traded for other skills or even items. Pretty cool!

Social options

They have a decently large community of traders, meaning you can probably find most things you want. Barterstreets also has a social angle, with a ‘Meet’ option, where you can meet with your fellow trader at a spot in your locality {the app even recommends spots} and talk and trade! They have also previously held barter meets/events, where you trade books and other items.

Cleaning out the closet

Honestly, after years of being on this planet who doesn’t have junk accumulating in their living room, deep in the closet, or gathering dust under the bed? If you’re looking for a trade then Barterstreets seems like an interesting option.

Though, we probably wouldn’t trade a used bag for legal services on the internet..

Find out more on their website here. Follow them on Facebook here.