While guns aren’t everybody’s cup of tea, heading down to a shooting range and venting some of your irritation at a paper cut-out of a silhouette can be surprisingly cathartic. So all you stress hoarders and tension gatherers, there’s no need to start your own fight club.

Instead, check out some of these shooting ranges and academies in Delhi and learn to vent your frustration in an equally-violent-yet-socially-acceptable form.

TopGun Shooting Academy

160816_TopGun Shooting Academy

Photo source: TopGun Shooting Academy

A personal, professional shooting training academy, TopGun’s pupils and shooters have performed well in Delhi state tournaments since the academy’s inception. They provide grooming and training if you’re looking to break into the sport. It’s good for young shooters starting to learn, and adults looking to go from casual shooting to a higher level.

They have summer camps for 8 to 18 year olds looking to work at 10-metre air rifle and air pistol shooting.

SportzCraft Inc.

Photo source: SportzCraft Inc.

Photo source: SportzCraft Inc.

SportzCraft Inc. is a self-proclaimed pioneer in 10-metre shooting ranges. They have two permanent ranges in Delhi and have been responsible for a series of pop-up ranges in a group of cities. You can pay for single sessions, a group of 12 for a month, or do three and six-month training courses taught by certified professionals.

Guru Dronacharya Shooting Academy

With 31 shooting lines, the Guru Dronacharya Shooting Academy is equipped to handle a large number of shooters. You can go and pay as you shoot, or sign up for a 10-metre training course, or join with a one-month membership fee. The academy also sells air rifles, pistols and pellets.

You can call them for a set-up service, where they will come and build a pop-up range for events in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR.

Dr. Karni Singh Shooting Range

Photo source: Satyendra Garg via Tripadvisor

Photo source: Satyendra Garg via Tripadvisor

The huge Dr. Karni Singh Shooting Range was first built for the Asian Games. Since then, it has attracted many shooters, amateurs and professionals, through its doors for a variety of shooting ranges. There are 10 metre, 25 metre, 50 metre, trap and skeet ranges, with state-of-the-art facilities added during a renovation for the 2010 Commonwealth Games.

Contact them for membership pricing; keep in mind their fees have been raised dramatically in the recent past. The range is a little secluded, so we suggest you take a car.

Featured photo courtesy: Anand Mohapatra/LBB