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Tried-And-Tested: Beat Dry Winter Skin With These 6 Skincare Essentials


    I recently travelled to Ladakh for a holiday and on the advice of my friend who had just been to Leh, we did pop a Diamox before the trip to acclimatise better – best thing I did. The second best thing was to rest completely the first day and of course, another great thing was the wonderful skincare I packed. My face did not get sunburnt, or flaky, because of these fantastic products and if they can work in Ladakh, they can help your skin get through the winters at any other city too.

    Pears Pure and Gentle Facewash

    I had actually carried my Oskia Rennaisance Cleanser with me, but after a day of six-hour drives, I really wanted something to make me feel cleansed. Also for some reason my eyes got super sensitive and puffy because of the altitude. If you’ve ever used Oskia Renaissance Cleanser {which I honestly don’t think is worth it’s ‘iconic’, ‘cult’ status} then you’d know that it stings like hell if even a little bit goes into your eyes. And I for one did not want puffy, swollen and burning eyes. This Pears Cleanser was surprising good, non-drying, but I would never use it for the long term because it has SO much fragrance in it. Nevertheless, in Ladakh it worked very nicely.

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    Twelve Beauty Ideal Moisture Level Serum

    Twelve Beauty is one of my favourite clean beauty brands. And this is the best hydrating serum that I’ve tried. Because the mountain air is so drying I needed something really hydrating as a first step of skincare. And this serum helped pack the moisture in my skin.

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    Odacite Oleosomes Time Release Delivery Creme

    I got this product as part of my Box Walla Beauty Box – guys it’s the most amazing beauty box service. The founder Lavanya Krishnan puts so much thought into each box, they ship to India for $68 all inclusive for a box that could be worth $115 – $160. Anyhoo, this creme (again clean and green) really promises what it says on the label. It’s lightweight, yet provides long-lasting hydration. It kept my skin feeling moist all day, and prevented it from peeling or chapping. You’re supposed to mix it with their serum concentrates that range from anti-pigmentation to anti acne, but I just used it as a plain moisturiser. But now I plan to add the serum concentrates and ready start using this product seriously.

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    Shiseido Perfect UV Protection SPF 50+ Wetforce

    Okay, okay I get the whole green, mineral, organic sunscreen bit. But when you’re travelling over 14,000ft, all you care about is not getting sunburnt. I’m all for using more mineral-based sunscreens regularly, but in the mountains it has to be something strong and reliable. And nothing beats Shiseido sunscreen in this regard. This one contains no parabens.

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    Twelve Beauty Botanical Blend Hyaluroil Lip Treatment

    This has to be the best lip treatment that I’ve tried. My lips did not chap at all during my trip. It also repaired my friend’s cracked, peeling lips in just one use.

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    Chantecaille Jasmine and Lily Healing Mask

    Now this is one product that truly deserves it’s iconic, cult status. You don’t realise how amazing this mask is, till your skin feels severely dry and this soothes it instantaneously. I used this as a night cream instead of a mask. I just massaged a medium/thick layer on my face and neck every night and woke up to smooth baby skin.

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