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Keep 'Em On Speed Dial: 7 South Delhi Women Recommend Trustworthy Brokers

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Planning on moving to South Delhi? While getting a good house seems difficult in this city, we’re going to try and save you from the horror of sketchy landlords, extermination horrors and bad neighbourhoods with our trusty list of brokers {which will also save you from the nightmare of having to deal with incompetent brokers}. These are our tried-and-tested list of brokers to depend on.

Mr. Bajaj

He was recommended to us by Saumyaa Vohra, Editor at LBB. He’ll make sure you don’t have to deal with fussy, overbearing landlords and really helps make the whole process much easier, from coming to your office {instead of you having to go over} to getting the rent agreement signed. He’s very patient, keeps your requirements in mind and won’t rush you at all. You can seriously take as long as you want finding a house with him.

Contact: 9810611234

Mr. Jaspreet

Recommended to us by Yasmeen Sarwar, student at DU, He’s really good for Amar Colony, GK1 and areas around. He’ll take all your details and show you what’s available – he doesn’t give you any fluff about whether a house matches your requirements or not. He’ll tell you straight up if he has nothing fitting your budget or description, so you know he’s not wasting your time. He’s easy to deal with {college kids, we recommend you stick with him}.

Contact: 9210204403

Mr. Malik

Recommended to us by Aashna Kothiyal, Law Student-if you’re looking to move to New Friends Colony, or anywhere around that area, he’s your man. He has a team of brokers under him, but he’ll make sure to keep checking in on you and the progress made. Courteous and calm, he’s very patient and doesn’t create much of a fuss if you keep rejecting every house he shows you. He’ll wait till you’re happy with what you find.


Mr. Mahadev

Keerthana Dinesh, Creative Head at Silverline Jewellery, recommended him to us. He’s fantastic if you’re looking for a house in a rush {he found someone a house in a day, but that’s just one instance}, he’s reliable, professional and will get you exactly what you’re looking for. He does areas around Gautam Nagar, Green Park, Safdarjung, if you want other areas in South Delhi, give him some time and he’ll do his best to find you just the house you’re looking for.

Contact: 9811409753

Mr. Amrik

Priya Chaudhary, Senior Brand Strategist at LBB, recommended Amrik to us. He deals with areas around Greater Kailash 1, East Of Kailash and Prakash Mohalla, amongst others. He’s quick at understanding what you want, and will hunt for a house that you’ll fall in love with. The man clearly knows what he’s doing.

Contact: 9312742994

Umesh Mehta

Laetitia Warjri , Assistant Editor at Harper’s Bazaar, recommended him to us. He mostly deals with areas along the Purple line, GK 1, Lajpat Nagar, Kailash Colony, GK 2 and more. He doesn’t adhere to the moral police, so that’s one good thing. Give him your budget and tell him what you have in mind, and he’ll get you what you’re looking for.

Contact: 9711079448


Recommended to us by Suchita Salwan, Founder at LBB. He does all of South Delhi, all areas but his true talent lies in finding you the perfect house in Defence Colony. You may have to chase after him a bit, but he knows what he’s doing and he does it well. Plus, if he finds you a place he knows you’ll like, he’ll try his best to ensure that you’re the one closing the deal.

Contact: 9811432599