Want To Switch To A Menstrual Cup? Check Out These Tried & Tested Brands

The conversation around sustainability and living zero-waste lifestyles has expanded from just the parameters of going plastic-free, and also into details that may seem tiny and inconsequential. However, menstrual waste takes around 800 years to decompose, and a lot of women are deterred from making the switch due to the lack of open conversation about it.

So, we talked to our friends who have been using menstrual cups for quite some time, and put together a list of the best brands available in our country, especially for first time users.

We would like to mention that all bodies are different, and what may work for one might not work for another, and you have to try a few to find the right one for you. But we hope this list helps you narrow down the options in finding the right cup. We can do this, ladies!

Boondh Cup

Boondh is an organisation that works towards menstrual literacy, and ensuring that menstrual hygiene products are available to women across the country. The Boondh Cup is used by the majority of women we spoke to. Some have been using it for years now, and swear by it!

Price: INR 700

She Cup

She Cup comes in two sizes, C and L. The cup can be used through teenage till menopause. The material is soft silicone, and is good for first time use.

Price: INR 996 for size C; and INR 1,122 for size L


Sirona does menstrual cups in three sizes- small (18 ml), medium (20 ml), and large (30 ml). Younger women, and women with a small build and shallow cervix are advised to use the smaller sizes, while older women and women with heavier flow are advised to use the large size. Sirona also sells a specific menstrual cup wash, however, boiling the cup in hot water post your period will also suffice.

Price:  INR 425 for small; INR 450 for medium; INR 475 for large


Lunette is a slightly more expensive brand that prides itself on being made of only organic material. The silicone they use is sourced organically, and manufactured in Canada. The material used is soft and comfortable for first time users too. Lunette is available for purchase in India through Amazon.

Price: INR 2,000


The Gaaia cup was started in an effort to make the menstrual cup experience better for beginners. The Gaaia cup is made without using any plastic and toxins, and is one of the few Indian brands that do organically produced menstrual cups. The cups come in two sizes - small and large.

Price: INR 699

Diva Cup

Diva is another popular and commonly used cup. While I, personally, didn't find it to be the right fit for myself, a lot of women I know swear by it. The Diva Cup website has a very comprehensive chart that explains what size would be right for you, depending on your age, built, and other factors. It's available for purchase on Amazon in India.

Price: INR 500

Please Note: Menstrual Cups are priced higher than your average sanitary napkins, however, purchasing one is a one time investment. Each cup is reusable and will last you for about six to eight months. All you need to do is clean it in running water during your cycle, and with a solution (available for most brands listed above), or in hot boiling water, at the end of your cycle. We suggest you read up about how to choose the right cup, depending on your age, built, and flow before purchasing one.

In my personal experience, I noticed that after the initial discomfort, it gets much better and more convenient than sanitary napkins, or even tampons.