Tried-And-Tested Tattoo Artists: Delhiites Tell Us Where They Got Inked

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Been thinking of getting inked, but unsure about who to go to for the deed? We did a little digging, and asked people from Delhi to give us their recommendations, based on their own, personal experiences with various artists. So, here are some tried-and-tested tattoo artists you could check out before getting your next tattoo.

Devilz Tattoo

The popular tattoo parlour in GK was recommended to us by a lot of users. Diksha Dua, Senior HR Manager at LBB got two of her tattoos {one coloured, one not} done here and can vouch for the quality. She wanted to do something special for her mum with the first one but wasn’t sure how to conceptualise it.

Recommended Because: They’re patient, hygienic, and aren’t afraid to get creative with their ideas. The artists are really helpful if you’re unsure about what to get, or when it comes to improvising a design. Their coloured tattoos deserve a special mention for their high quality; you won’t be rushing in for a touch-up any time soon.

Ask For: Either their founder Lokesh, or Rahul.

Funky Monkey, Gurgaon

Jasmin Kaur, Jewellery Designer, recommended them to us. She tells us the tattoo and piercing parlour has a bunch of really talented artists, and they won’t charge you an absolute bomb for a tattoo. She got her first tattoo from here, ‘inis in’ written above her ankle {it means the fire within}.

Recommended Because: They have flawless design skills.  She was incredibly nervous about needles, but they guided her through the whole process and helped her pick the kind of font she was looking for. The artists make you feel comfortable, and give you exactly what you’re looking for. They’ll make sure they discuss the design you want at length, and that they leave you feeling less anxious about the process.

Ask For: Kamal; he’s got a firm hand and will make you feel at ease.


Ink Inn, Defence Colony

Siddhi Soi, Head Photographer at LBB, got a nine-inch long quote saying ‘Sanity and happiness are an impossible combination’.

Recommended Because: The tattoo artists there are all great at their work, having been being trained by Max, one of the top dogs at Ink Inn, and a skilled artist. They ask you to come in half an hour prior to your appointment, so that they can figure out if the design you want can be improvised. They also use organic ink.

Ask for: Max, he’s really good with text and detailing.

Hawk Tattoo, Saket

Dakshee Haryani, Social Media Manager at LBB, recommended these guys to us, she got two out of three of her tattoos from here. She got a simple star on her neck and ‘Never settle’ written on her arm by a tattoo artist named Adi.

Recommended Because: While she was nervous about her beautifully written ‘Never settle’, Adi made sure she kept talking to her the whole time and kept her distracted from the needle. For a simple, minimal tattoo {which can still be scary for a first-timer}, they made her comfortable with the process. She felt confident enough to go back and get another tattoo from them, so we know that they’re reliable.

Ask For: Adi, we hear she’s sweet and calming.

The Tattoo Shop, HKV

Saumya Saraf, a student from DU got her detailed mandala tattoo from here. She’s always been fascinated by the design, and decided it was what she wanted for a tattoo. It was a spontaneous decision for her, and she decided to pop into this tattoo parlour one morning and hope for the best. She came out with a far better tattoo than she could’ve hoped for.

Recommended Because: The studio has a great vibe; it’s got retro posters and cute, fairy lights which are calming – and, of course, great artists. They’ll end up giving you exactly what you had in mind {or making it even better}.

Ask For: Raghav Sethi; he’s one of their best artists and can work wonders for you.