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There’s No Place Better Than This Hill House For Quiet Family Time


    Tridiva by Saffron Stays is shielded from commercialisation and has everything to bring back memories of hill station trips with the fam – a fireplace, treks, pahadi food and the view of the mountains from the moment you wake up.

    Calm One, Calm Everyone

    The house is perched atop a hill and every corner exudes a warm feeling we’ve come to associate only with hot chocolate so far. Its three rooms are a tasteful celebration of colours, artifacts and fabrics that are cosy enough to make you feel at home but the perfect amount of dolled up to make it seem like a dream – a balance very few places seem to get right these days. When here, you’ll have plenty of time to catch up with the folks or just hide out in a corner with your headphones {we aren’t judging}. 

    No Run Off Hill Stuff

    When you huddle together and remember old family jokes in the living area, you’ll all be surrounded by sweeping views of the Nanda Devi Mountain range. If your sibling’s the active {and sometimes annoying} types, push them to go and cycle down those winding roads. Bonus: You’ll be able to stare at birds or read in utter silence. 

    In case you’re an early riser, the getaway is also ideal for yoga sessions that’ll bury that office stress deep into the valley. Early evening/post brekkie strolls with the folks are a must. The leisure walks will introduce you to many many photo ops in the area so you’d better take it slow {there’s never a thing called too many pit stops}.

    We also figure that it’s close to the glaciers in case you’re that adventurous family we keep reading about in travel magazines.

    So, We’re Saying…

    There was a time when summer vacations meant pakoras, pahaad and Papa’s pampering. It’s time to relive that nostalgia… Far far away from the heat and rushed weekday mornings.