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Trust Befikr and get befikr about meeting your home deep cleaning goals this Diwali.

Saloni posted on 3rd October

What Did I Like?

I am so not worried about my Diwali cleaning this time because I have the best of the teams coming at my place to do it for me (thug life :P). This time I do not have to start every day early and a month prior to get all the things fixed, cleaned and painted for the festive season. I am going to relax and enjoy the festive season, host a few card parties as everyone is supposed to without any hassle and tension on my mind, all thanks to Forget the local bhaiya whom you call to fix up your sink, a basin, a door knob, drill a hole to hang a painting or a slab, clean overhead water tanks, fix inverter wiring or a fused plug; who is not trustworthy, comes at his own convenience, is rude to the core and charges a whale. Befikr brother is a professional hence efficient, polite and well-spoken because he is trained to prioritize customer satisfaction above everything else and the best part is, is trustworthy as he comes with an ID card and a proper uniform through a trustworthy corporate entity hiring him. I highly recommend to the independent women, especially the ones living alone, who find it hard to let any random person enter their household. Not only women, is also recommended for regular households, for wee hours and emergency situations.

What's My Pro Tip?

Check out their website for pricing and service listings, as they have a minimum visiting charge of INR 100 during working hours and INR 500 for night hours (affordable enough, isn’t it?)

Anything Else?

Unlike any other service provider who collaborate with individual professionals to join their network and get the jobs done; befikr employs a technician or a handyman under their company payroll, educates and trains them thereby making a product i.e. the blue collared ‘befikr brother’, out of service. As a startup, this is a revolutionary step taken, and the aim is to change the lives of thousands of families by providing the men and women they employ a regular income and consistent work. The company aims at building 100% trust of their clientele and works to live up to their name.

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