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    Modify Your Cliche Recipe With Traditional Yet Fancy Sugar & Salts From Artisan Palate

    Sunetra posted on 13 June

    What Makes It Awesome

    Do you have Cinnamon Toasts in mind for breakfast? How about a grilled chicken leg rubbed in Himalayan pink salt with a tinge of lemon and black pepper for lunch? Or perhaps a nice dark chocolate espresso for the evening? Well, if you happen to see the range of Pink Himalayan Salts and Demerara Sugar range from Artisan Palate, you will surely be having these delicious thoughts. Artisan Palate has come up with an entire collection of all natural smoked salts and Demerara sugar in fantastic flavours to revamp your recipes. I tried out their Espresso And Dark Chocolate Demerara Sugar, Cinnamon And Vanilla Demerara Sugar, Italian Herbs and Aged Balsamic Himalayan Pink Salt and Onion Garlic Pepper Himalayan Pink Salt. I have to say that these salts and sugars worked like magic in my dishes. These sugar and salts come in easy to use, beautiful mason jars with golden lid. I made some out-of-the-world Cinnamon rolls with the Cinnamon and Vanilla Demerara sugar for my kids, which were literally gone in no time. The texture of the mix felt raw and fresh. You can see the ingredients in the jar and it smells heavenly. Anyone can instantly taste and make out that these sugar and salts are 100% natural.

    Anything Else?

    These sugar and salts are priced well.

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