Tunday Kababi: Gurgaon's Underrated Kebab Kings

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If you’re craving kebabs in Gurgaon then the Lucknow-famous Tunday Kababi offers you enough bang for your buck.

Kebab kings

A descendant of the over 100-year-old Tunde Ke Kabab from Lucknow, Tunday Kababi is a small dhaba that has been supplying Gurgaon with delicious kebabs for years.

Ask anyone in DLF Phase I and the chances are they already know of, and have eaten at, Tunday Kababi before. The simple menu offers two biryanis, a few curries, some rolls and the renowned galouti kebab known as Tunday {named after their inventor from Lucknow}.

Putting it to the test

The service here is really quick, with a hot plate of shammi kebabs coming soon after we ordered them. The soft kebab breaks down under the caress of a plastic spoon, heavy with spices. We thought that was soft; then we tried the melt-in-your-mouth mutton Tunday kebabs with roomali rotis. While not bursting with flavour like the shammi, there is something uniquely savoury about these succulent, speciality, soft galoutis {alliteration aside}.

By the time the dry mutton biryani was served we were on our last legs, but unsurprisingly still managed to finish every morsel. This biryani is lighter than its typical Delhi counterpart, and with the addition of some tangy raita it was a treat.

A pleasing pit stop

If you want a relaxed meal, then Tunday probably isn’t the place for you. With no seating; only a communal table and standing room, it is perfect for a quick pit stop. An alcohol store located round the corner is convenient if you’re in the mood for a pre or post meal beer. Remember, you can also order for pick up or home delivery.