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#MenuPlanner: What To Order For Lunch Every Day Of The Week

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Whether you are stressed at your work table on a Monday afternoon or just curling up for a Netflix session on a weekend, there is nothing quite as cathartic as some good, wholesome food. And while your options may be endless, we have picked out seven dishes that you can order through the week. This means that come harsh summers or cold winters, you always have good food to keep you company.

Twisted Tacos has you sorted with one different meal for every day of the week. Without further ado, let us start.


Beat Monday Blues With A Pork Rice Bowl Meal

Celebrate the flavour and taste of comfort food in superb style with this pampering treat of rice and pork in a bowl, perfect to beat the stress of a hectic Monday afternoon. The dish is not commonly available in the city, which makes it all the more special.

Pair it with some Diet Coke to make it a complete experience, but don’t blame us if you go into a food coma after this one.

Embrace Chaotic Tuesdays With Grilled Chicken Salad

When trying to restrict calories at work {this is tough battle}, salads always come to our rescue. And this Grilled Chicken salad is not just gluten-free but also comes packed with some exciting flavours created by a combination of lettuce, crushed nachos, salsa and balsamic dressing.

Plus, they arrive fresh at your desk, so you have literally no reasons to complain.

Combat The Mid-week Cravings With Grilled Veg Tacos

An all-rounder at satisfying taste buds, this one is great option, especially for those want to savour something vegetarian. Made with a delicious mix of tortilla, beans, lettuce and salsa, this grilled veg tacos is a truly satisfying meal.

Enjoy this with some potato wedges, and we are  sure that you will  keep coming back for more.


Say Hello To Snack Love With Nachos On Thursday

Snack attack can happen at any time and we have you prepared. So if you are looking for something beyond the normal aloo chaat and tikkis, may we recommend some Cheesy Nachos with jalapenos? These are gluten-free and served with salsa. Good luck trying to keep these away from hungry colleagues.

They also have Loaded Nachos with chicken, if you are craving something non-vegetarian.

It's A Fri-yay With Sriracha Chicken Burrito

Burritos are a great way to celebrate Fridays! Try the spicy, Chef’s Special Sriracha Chicken Burrito which is high on both taste and flavour; little chunks of marinated chicken, spicy rice, veggies, re-fried beans, that are served with a salsa? Yes to that, please.

Make it a party by pairing this with a Coffee Shake.

Make Some Space For Pork Quesadilla On Saturday

Set your Mexican spirit animal free with some delish new quesadillas {along with some tequila shots maybe?}. While they have options in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian categories, we recommend their Pulled Pork Quesadilla. With its melt in your mouth pork, along with tortilla, beans, lettuce, salsa, all wrapped together, this is one dish that will take you on a culinary adventure.



Because Calories Don't Count On Sunday

This is one day of the week, where you are allowed to order anything. So make sure you order some desserts; you can’t go wrong with Walnut Brownie with Chocolate Sauce. Guaranteed to cure all your sugar cravings, this dessert is light, creamy and can easily pull you into a food trance.

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Love your tacos a bit more spicy or want your salad with a lot more dressing, fret not because Twisted Tacos are more than happy to customise everything for you.

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