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Go To Secret House Parties, Underground Gigs & More With This New App


Tired of trudging along to loud bars and the usual restaurants you go to every week with the gang? It’s time to download Lemonade, a new social experience app that lets you indulge in fun activities that aren’t mainstream.

A Little Bit Of Everything

The app was started with the initiative to curate unique social experiences for people which allowed them to step outside their comfort zone by taking public spaces like bars and restaurants out of the equation. After all, there’s only so many times you can go to Summer House or Auro with that same bunch of people and let’s face it, it gets stale after a while. Instead, Lemonade lets you indulge in more intimate, warm affairs with strangers who share the same interests as you.

The app is pretty simple – it has three sections of people, the creatives, who are artists, chefs or musicians, the hosts, who let out spaces for events, and the guests, who get to sign up for these experiences. You can attend an underground gig with a bunch of strangers, or, if you love cooking for people but aren’t a chef, still host an intimate food pop-up to showcase your culinary skills. You can sign up and even pick the radius to attend events, keeping it close to home or further away. Go to a stranger’s house for a BYOB art exhibit, go for a fun movie screening or a Speakeasy with cocktails. Inspired by all the apps we use, it’s taken a little bit of everything, from Facebook events, to Tinder to Snapchat, all coming together to help create a real-life social experience through virtual means.

So, We're Saying...

Try ditching the usual and just download the app to discover all the cool things that are happening around you. It’s a great chance to make some new friends, indulge in experiences that actually excite you and hey – it won’t cost you a bomb to have a good time. We’re already on it! It’s available for iOS, Android and web. Check out their website here.