Tinder Box Brings Heavenly Rajasthani Food To Gurgaon

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What Makes It Awesome

This place in DLF Phase 4 is a delivery-only joint that makes delish non-vegetarian Rajasthani dishes. Tinder Box is like a breath of fresh air when it comes to north India cuisine. One can simply taste the authentic and strong flavours of raw chilli, garlic and desi ghee in its' food. The Rajasthani dishes that Tinder Box makes are rich and will surely be loved by all.

I tried their laal maas, safed maas, jaipuri murgh curry and ajwain roti. My favourite was undoubtedly the laal maas. Laal maas is mutton curry with fresh methania chillies and garlic. The dish was delectable and is a must-have.

What Could Be Better?

They should come up with casual dine-in or seating option.

What's My Pro Tip?

Do try their Laal Maas, Jaipuri chicken curry with ajwain roti. For desserts, they have only one option, but it is worth trying. They serve Alwar- special milk cake.

Anything Else?

I will love to try the gatta curry and Jungli murgh ki biryani.