Unwind at the Tree of Life Resort

    What is it?

    Sitting quietly amidst the Aravalli’s, 45 minutes before hitting noisy ol’ Jaipur, Tree of Life is a resort that’s named aptly. The silence sounds like nothing you’ve heard before {especially if you’re coming from Delhi}, and the setting will make you want to just sit back, relax… and get off Instagram.

    Villas {with and without private pools} are scattered over this massive property, which also comes with an infinity pool, a restaurant that serves a smashing array of food made with local ingredients, and a spa that’ll take away all your worries and knots.

    Ideal for when you’re travelling with a better/other half, and equally wonderful if you’re taking time out with a friend{s} who doesn’t talk too much and likes the spa/reading. When there, just soak in the silence and the sun. 

    Where is it?

    45 minutes before Jaipur. Though it’s just off the highway, we recommend that you Google Map this destination.

    How do I get there?

    Drive down. It’s about 3.5 to four hours away from Delhi, and makes for a quick, luxe getaway. A two night, three day trip is perfect.

    What is unique about it?

    What makes Tree of Life awesome is its location. It’s a short drive from Delhi and once there, if you want some hustle-bustle during the daytime, you can drive down to Jaipur city. The vistas and the serenity kept me glued to my villa!

    The property’s design and landscape, and each villa’s architecture echoes tranquility. Their villas are massive, and come with their own dining and lounge area, bedroom, a bathroom that’s bigger than the bedroom… and an outdoor shower, bath and massage tables!

    Room service is encouraged, and I was a happy slob for my two night, three day stay. I spent my evenings reading books in the villa’s garden, afternoons at their spa, and the rest of my time just chilling in one of their main gardens or walking around the property.

    Also, they serve Chinkara, a Cab Sauv I’d recommend everyone to drink {irrespective of whether you’re staying at Tree of Life or not}. If you’re not a wine-drinker, their cocktails are splendid. Try their take on a Bloody Mary- a knockout!

    Tree of Life keeps things simple, but spectacular. They also have a couple of activities you can try out, including treks and teaching at a local school. I wanted to do nothing for a change, so skipped on those.

    Best time to visit?

    October to March, I’d imagine, would be best- just before it gets too hot. That said, given its proximity to Delhi, I’d take a break at Tree of Life in the summer as well. A cool pool under the desert sun, a peaceful setting, and a break from Delhi’s dust and grime? Sold! Even better with a bottle of Chardonnay.

    Tree of Life is expensive if you look at the prices in isolation, but very competitive compared to other resorts and similar stays in Rajasthan. Keep a lookout for their packages, or travel as a group to minimise damage to your wallet {I split the bill with a friend}. It’s definitely worth what you pay.

    Don’t leave home without?

    Shoes! Especially if you’re keen on checking out one of the activities. Sunscreen is a must. Get your own music, movies {on a DVD or pen drive}- the villas come with surround sound, and a nice TV to plug and play. I would say bring your own drinks- but their wine menu and cocktails menu will have you well covered, at prices cheaper than saddi Dilli. 


    Pack a light snack, and keep a playlist ready for the journey there; three and half hours will fly by in no time, and the next thing you know, you’re in a piece of desert-paradise.