Up Your Sikh Swag with Turbans from Singh Styled


Touted as the world’s first online store focusing specifically on Sikhs, Singh Styled sets you up with trendy turbans and top-notch grooming products.

Singh is king

Known for their flamboyant nature, most Sikhs (here referred to as Singhs) really know how to rock the turban and beard like it’s Movember all year long. But here to take that style ante even higher, Singh Styled covers all your grooming, styling, clothing, and accessory requirements under one roof. Oh, yes.

But Singh is also bling

Turbans are categorised under Classic, Essential, and Special, so lads, you can stock up on soft voile ones for daily wear, but also up your swag with colours ranging from pink and sky blue, to red and mustard yellow. We love the Special collection, which will see Singhs sporting Sea Blue and Valentine Pink too. How’s that for snazzy, eh?

Mane care

And don’t go thinking that it’s easy to maintain that awesome kesh. Stay suave and sassy with their range of beard oils and washes. Pick from Green Apple, Citrus, and Honey Drop {to make your beard look super elegant, of course}. They smell great too, what with all the jojoba, argan, and grape seeds they’re made from. How about that ladies?

And that isn’t all, they even have combs and brushes that condition and moisturise the beard—in various skin types, naturally.

Leave it to the pros

If all of this is too much for you, then leave the hassle of curating your grooming kit to the fine folks at Singh Styled, and opt for their Subscription Boxes which start at INR 999. All you need to do is pick from either Singh Styled (which comes with a couple of turban styling products and three grooming ones) or the Singh Styled Lifestyle which adds a few lifestyle products as well as a style guide.

Currently, they ship for free across India. What are you waiting for?

Buy their products online here.

Price: INR 250 upwards

Find them on Facebook here.