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This Delicious Vanilla Chai Is Kinda Perfect For A Cold Winter Evening

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    While we’re not the biggest fans of dessert-flavoured tea, this Vanilla Chai concoction by Pukka Organic Teas makes for a yummy exception.

    Warm & Vanilla

    Seriously, if there was an award for yummiest chai out there, we’d give it to Pukka’s Vanilla Chai. Don’t worry, there’s none of that artificial and sickly sweet vanilla flavour in this—we’d be gagging into our cups long before you if that were the case.

    Instead the flavour notes comprise cardamom, cinnamon, fennel, ginger, and liquorice, accompanied by a hint of vanilla. Delightful, delicious, and so right for the chilly winters.

    The Others

    They have a wide flavour profile when it comes to herbal teas, so you can pick up lots more. The Womankind tea, made with a blend of organic cranberry, rose, and sweet vanilla, is good for the ladies. The Turmeric Gold tea is a great nourishing tea.

    If variety is the spice your life, we suggest picking up the Pukka Herbal Collection, which consists of five bags each of elderberry & Echinacea tea, lemon, ginger, and manuka honey tea, night time tea, three mint tea, and detox tea.

    Happy drinking!

    Price: INR 375 for a pack of 25 tea bags

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