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Vegan Frappés & Meals In Jars From Zoe

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    Zoe whips up a wide range of smoothies, cold pressed juices and yogurt parfaits {these work as convenient meals in jars} and delivers them across Gurgaon and some parts of south Delhi. With over 25 different varieties currently on their menu, it can become a little bit of a hassle to decide. So we’ve done the work for you—here are our top picks.

    Zest Yogurt Parfait

    A mix of Greek yogurt, honey, milk, oats and chia seeds, topped with sliced red grapes, Zest, in our opinion, is as ideal as a quick brekkie option as a midnight munchie solution. We loved how creamy this was, and that it wasn’t too heavy on the honey.

    Mocha Vegan Frappe

    We’re pretty sceptical when it comes to anything vegan because, let’s face it, it usually doesn’t do much for the taste buds. Zoe’s mocha frappe, however, didn’t lead to any scrunched up faces. Made with almond milk, it might be a little on liquidy side, but with the flavours of cocoa and coffee clearly distinguishable, we think this one’s a winner. We also liked the cinnamon one; the hazelnut one, though, not so much.

    Feel The Win Juice

    This might not be as exciting as summer wine, but nonetheless a great pick to deal with dehydration in the scorching sun. A blend of watermelon, coconut water, pomegranates, rosemary, tomatoes and lemon leaves, it’ll leave you feeling refreshed. Post workout drink, anyone? If you prefer something sweeter, we’d recommend the Feel The Fuel, which contains coconut water, sugarcane and chia seeds.

    For The Explorer Smoothie

    This one’s probably the tastiest healthy smoothie you will come across, and we’re not even surprised—it’s made out of strawberries, bananas, blueberries, blackberries, honey and Greek yogurt. We wouldn’t mind waking up to this every day, to be honest, and the fact that it’s a pretty purple makes us like it even more.

    For The Hero Smoothie

    Bananas, peanut butter and almond—need we say more, really? And oh, we’re totally going to secretly add just a dash of Nutella to this {shh}.
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