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If Vegan Lipsticks Are Bae, This Cruelty-Free Brand Will Be Your New Favourite


    What Makes It Awesome?

    That their lipsticks are classic, with great colour payoff, and are affordable as well. At INR 500 a pop, each of their 11 shades is worth a try. Started by two ex-Loreal beauty experts, the modus operandi of a brand like Disguise is to give a beauty lover a value-for-money product (that would normally be riddled with chemicals) in an extremely all-natural avatar.

    A homegrown brand that believes only in using vegan, all-natural ingredients (making it infinitely safer for dailywear), the brand is cruelty-free in tandem with being vegan, making it culturally all-around feel-good in its vibe—why, they're even PETA approved! This essentially means they're free of any oils, fats, waxes, pigments, as well as fibres and such that are drawn from animals (not a guarantee with a lot of other brands).

    If you're yeah-yeah-yeah-ing in your head till I get to colour and feel part, we're here. The texture is a creamy matte (careful; if you don't let it set a bit, it'll bleed), but it spreads easily and doesn't sap your lips of moisture. The best shades, in my opinion, were Plum Striker and Red Model, both with great colour payoff.

    They also make a black lipstick (most companies don't), which I have, but am yet to try, for fear of not pulling it off. However, if you're braver than me, get yourself the Black Slayer and go hardcore goth, baby.

    We also recommend you to try their all-day gel kajal as it glides on super smooth and is budget friendly too!


    The brand is now available to shop on LBB (yay!).