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Marwadi Khana by Abhilasha Jain & Babita Choudhary

If you don’t want to set out for 4 hours {minimum} towards Rajasthan for some authentic Marwadi food at your next gathering, help is close at hand. Chefs Abhilasha and Babita can handle party orders, starting at 10 people and going up to 50. They’re happy to construct the menu with you; some of their top sellers include daal bhaati churma, lasun ki chutney, ker sangri, papad capsicum and Bikaneri paratha. Desserts range from atta gond laddu to the eternal besan ka halwa.

Contact: +91-9958983606 / +91-8800936200

Price: Per person starts at INR 350 and goes up to INR 700, depending on the menu. Delivery available at additional charge across Gurgaon and South Delhi.

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Being Chef

Consider them your one-stop solution to all things culinary. Not only do they craft and deliver 5-minute recipes, microwaveable lunches and dinners, they also cater your event right down to the last detail. They handle a customer load of anywhere from 10 to 10,000 people, providing food from a range of cuisines. Their chef, Aditi Madan was on Masterchef {Season 3}, so you know you’ve got someone seasoned handling the pressure. Their specialty is live counters, so do ask about them.

Contact: +91 8800777378

Price: They do customized packages and menus, for which the price varies, but an estimated starting point would be INR 300 per plate.

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Maharaj Ji Caterers

For traditional Indian food, be it Rajasthani or Punjabi, turn to Maharaj ji caterers. They’re super flexible with their dish choices, and will make any and every alteration you ask for. You do need to have an event of at least 25-30 people to hire them, though. Rest assured, they’ll cover you all through the event; providing staff and people to handle the food.

Contact: +91 9818124112

Price: Dependant on your menu specifications- size, number of dishes

Jain Caterers

Run by Sudharshan Jain, they’ll do any cuisine you ask for, from Indian to Japanese. Consider them for a marriage ceremony, since they cater to parties starting only at 100 people and up. You can customize your menu, as you see fit, and they’ll send over a fleet to run things seamlessly.

Contact: +91 9830007212

Price: INR 600 per plate cost. It does vary according to the size of your party

Find out more about them, here.


Their menu is up for full customization, as per your needs. They’ll send you everything you ask for, including staff, cutlery and crockery. If there’s a special dish you have in mind, you just have to ask. The minimum number of people they cater to is 50.

Contact: +91 9871397181

Price: Starts at INR 800 per plate cost, and goes up from there.

Find out more about them, here.