12 Restraunts For The Best Vegetarians Food In Delhi

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Contrary to popular belief, vegetarian food is delicious and has a lot of variety. It's not ghaas-phus and it's certainly not just paneer, anyone who tells you otherwise hasn’t made an effort to explore or do their research. We took it upon our spinach-pumped shoulders to find you the best of vegetarian cafes and restaurants that are swinging the ball (in this case, their plates) completely in your favour. Go on and plan that date with your favourite person right about now (cheesy fries are just on their way, too).

Cafe Turtle

We’ve hung out here alone, but even if we were catching up with bae, we’d still hit this place up for a dose of nostalgia served with their lovely lemon cake. When here, you must order their iced tea and Tuscany pizza and chat away. And that cold coffee…literally the stuff of dreams. For those of you who don't know, there's a bookstore attached too, Full Circle, and we would 100per cent recommend buying each other books.

Price: INR 1,500 for two (approx.)

Burma Burma

Burmese vegetarian food is a novelty we still haven’t had enough of. We find ourselves here every time we’re craving a colourful, happy spot that serves up an offbeat dinner. From experience, we can tell you that there’s no broken heart (or promise) that their steamed buns or a bowl of khao suey can’t fix. Also, end the meal with avocado ice cream.

Price: INR 1,600 for two (approx.)


One of the few South Indian cafes that dares to look beyond the usual dosa, we love sitting in their balcony eating podi ghee idlis and sipping filter coffee. They also stock up on banana chips, murukku and other crunchy snacks to take home. Our favourites here, if you’re going, are the appams. 

Price: INR 1,200 fro two (approx.)


Vegan, vegetarian, organic—Greenr has all the options for you. They've got three outlets in Delhi, each serving an awesome collection of pizzas, sandwiches and smoothie bowls that are healthy and delicious. They're also pet-friendly, in case you'd like to take your dog as the cutest third wheel. 

Price: INR 1,500 for two (approx.)

Carnatic Cafe

Another South Indian cafe that's pure veg is this one in GK 2. It's got super authentic dosas and more, and the ambiance is relaxed. It's perfect for a date that has got to work with month-end budget woes or for a hungover breakfast after a night out. 

Price: INR 600 for two (approx.)

Pro-Tip: If you love South Indian food, you'll love these filter coffee brands that'll help you make your own filter kaapi at home.

Fab Cafe

There's a bunch of these all over the city but we personally recommend the one in Sunder Nursery, as it overlooks the lake and sets the mood just right, accompanied by some really good, healthy food. They don't use refined sugar or refined oil and they've also got vegan and wheat-free options.

Price: INR 1,200 for two (approx.)

Veg Gulatis

Gulati's started as a small dhaba in 1959 and actually has the award for best butter chicken. They have a separate franchise for only veg food known Veg Gulatis, and their dal makhni and paneer tikka are just mouth-wateringly beautiful. The place is still packed and you might have to wait a while, especially if you go on the weekend. We're super excited to try their new outlet in Gurgaon.

Price: INR 1,400 for two (approx.)


Sattvik is derived from the Sanskrit term sattvika, which means 'pure, real, genuine, and honest'. Famous for their extensive menu of North Indian dishes, especially its huge Navratri thali packed with vegetarian delights. People also rave about the atmosphere, and the cuisine is renowned for being healthy, light on the stomach and delicious. You must try their rose kulfi and paan ice cream!

Price: INR 2,000 for two (approx.)


I’ve been a vegetarian all my life and Suruchi has a lot of nostalgia attached to it, so I may be biased. They are famous for Rajasthani and Gujrati thalis with unlimited refills, you always end up having more than you want to because the food is just that good. Outside the restaurant sits a bangle maker that can make any sort of bangle you'd like, kids always love to shop for no reason and as we turn older, they become souvenirs of our innocent childhood.

Price: INR 1,400 for two (approx.)


Omo Soul Garden is a restaurant in Galleria Market, Gurgaon that focuses on organic, fresh and consciously produced produce. Their menu has a good balance between known, comfort dishes like pizza and pasta, and unique options for those who like to experiment a little like Spinach Dosa.

Price: INR 1,500 for two (approx.)

Indus Flavour

From the welcome till providing after-sales services, the staff at Indus Flavour took care of even the smallest of things to provide an enriching experience. They serve North Indian food, and the taste is unbelievable. Everything was served perfectly with mouthwatering flavors. The Dal Makhni fondue was my favorite and the Momos Platter was so amazing.

Price: INR 1,700

Green Mantis

Green Mantis' interiors are airy, well lit and minimalistic with cane accents and watercolour artwork. The menu serves up cuisines from various countries, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Bhutan to Thailand and Vietnam—all vegetarian. They use locally sourced ingredients to produce internationally renowned cuisines, and ingredients that are super fresh, organic and seasonal. You must try their unique Kerala red rice and avocado sushi, which is super high on flavour and novelty.

Price: INR 3,000 for two (approx.)