Bauble Love

    Velvet Black Chokers No More, This Jewellery Website Stocks Unusual Options

    Maanya posted on 12 April

    Ten-Second Takeaway

    In a brand new edition of ‘How To Deplete Your Bank Balance’, we’re focusing on Bauble Love – a curated collection of gorgeous jewellery, available online for your shopping pleasure.

    We Do Love Baubles

    And there’s plenty to choose from. Sorted by collection {Bauble Love has crafted eight limited ones so far} or by product, all the trinkets have been produced ethically and sustainably. We’re absolutely digging the new Bauble X Vintage collection where the focus is on vintage and antique tribal pieces of the style of the Banjara tribe from Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat.

    Put down those standard, velvet black chokers and, instead, shop this chunky, silver tribal one – you’re guaranteed to make a style statement since all of these pieces are one-of-a-kind and unique.

    We also love the cuffs that include both a simpler aesthetic {like this Madari cuff} as well as more detailed options {like this ghungroo-adorned Wadi cuff}.

    If Tribal Is Less Your Style

    May we recommend sifting through the other Bauble Love collections? While most of them have an underlying, ethnic appeal, all the jewellery is super versatile and wearable. Plus, some of the pieces are quite affordable as well; The Last Edit is a brass-only collection and prices of earrings start at INR 550.

    Their ring sets won’t set you back by too much either and this Boho Midi Ring set is available for INR 500 and has minimalist pieces that would work with pretty much any look.

    So, We’re Saying…

    Limited edition pieces that are designed for versatility {so they’ll spunk up any outfit} – yes, please.


    Bauble Love