Decorate Your House With These Unique Venkat Bothsa Fibreglass Heads That Tell Enigmatic tales

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What Makes It Awesome

You may have seen Venkat Bothsa's sculptures around at a friend's house or a hotel lobby and not quite understood what it was. Bothsa's pieces are a product of the reflections of his reality. They portray a polychromatic narrative of flora and fauna, landscapes, cityscapes, glimpses of the film and ad world and technological advancements. The intriguing blend of mythology, cinematic references and contemporary sensibilities is painted onto the female head and sometimes even the torso. The size of his sculptures ranges between one foot to almost six feet tall.

What's My Pro Tip?

Venkat Bothsa's sculptures may look heavy and bulky but are actually very light since they are made up of sole fibreglass.

Anything Else?

To know more on Venkat Bothsa sculptures do check it out here - { }.