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Want To Take Vaping To The Next Level? Verge’s Vapes & E-Juices Are Just What You Need!

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    Vaping clouds or a burst of flavor? How about both? Up your vaping with Verge Vapes UK. They’ve got vapes and e-juices that come in different flavours and you gotta try them all.

    Verge Atom Is Your New Vape Buddy

    For us, The Verge Atom, their premium vape kit, easily took the trophy. It comes with the vaporiser, two atomisers, a charger cable, and a complimentary e-juice bottle. It was extremely easy to set up—pour a couple drops of the e-juice into the atomiser, attach it to the vape, click, press, vape—easy peasy {don’t worry, there’s an instruction manual in there}. Believe us, you’re in for a smooth and simple vaping experience. 


    We tried the Bahama Mama and Caramelt flavours and it was love at first breath. The vaping experience is smooth, the vapour has a great aroma, and puffing out these massive plumes of vapour looks amazing. Time to make vapour rings and learn new tricks!

    We can’t wait to try the different e-juices Verge has to offer, with exciting options like Dragon Bliss, Honey Trap, and Summer Fling. We don’t even know where to begin! The e-juices also come in 6mg, 3mg, and 0mg nicotine options, so you can go for the one you like.

    Want More?

    We suggest you also try the Verge XL, an e-cigarette, which comes in two different flavours: Full Flavour and Menthol. Just screw in the cigarette with the flavour cartomizer, charge it for a while and off you go. They go up to 600 puffs {we could puff till the battery ran out} and last longer than usual cigarettes. 

    Made in the UK, Verge’s products undergo stringent tests, so the credibility of their products is top notch. And with a wide range of e-juices, there’s always something new to try. So which flavour are you trying first?

    Also, they have an amazing discount going on where you can purchase Verge XL Pack + 1 Cartomizer at INR 499.

    You can check out the entire range of Verge Vapes here. For more information, Follow their Facebook and Instagram.

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