Ten-Second Takeaway

Love yourself some bath & body products that smell so divine you’ve half a mind to gobble them up? We do too. Which is why we’re drooling over Vert.

Skin So Smoothie

241116_vert3All it takes is one visit to their store {more like kiosk} to lose sense of time. And practicality. Pomegranate Shower Smoothie Soap? We didn’t even know of the existence of such a thing, but after having opened the jar and taken a whiff of the fruity goodness, we were convinced we needed it in our bathroom.

How about a Lemongrass & Wheatgerm Oil Shaving Soap? Yes, shaving soap. Gotta have one of those, right?

Their range includes many more delish products such as Choco-smoothie Face Mask, Sweet Orange Whipped Mango Butter, Orange Espresso Milk Bathing Salt, Plum Apricot Soap, Fresh Orange & Honey Shampoo, and Lemon Green Tea Foot Cream. Yum!

Hearty & Handmade

We’re always looking for ways to live a healthier, more wholesome kind of life, so finding vegan brand Vert was a stumble that made us very happy. They not only make use of fresh raw materials found in most kitchens and gardens, therapeutic herbs, pure oils and butters, but stay far away from the harmful stuff such as parabens, mineral oils, silicones, and any genetically modified ingredient. So much win.

Where: Ground Floor, DLF Place Saket. You can shop online here.

Price: Starting at INR 350

Photos: Ipsita Nayak/LBB