This Video Gives You 50 Stunning Reasons To Love Delhi

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When surge prices, odd-even and the horrid newsflashes come calling, we often contemplate why we ever chose to live here. With the loo blowing, and traffic woes driving us up the walls {but never down the roads}, it is only this video that gives us hope to continue living in our beloved city.

All Dilliwalas will appreciate this video that captures the undeniable beauty of Dilli {meri jaan}. Scroll comments in this article that, “The video…created from stills taken over three months, focuses on the city’s historical buildings, the grand architecture of Lutyens’ Delhi, public art installations, temples and mosques, with interludes for its busy traffic and metro lines.”

Scroll also mentions that Anuraj Jetley {the brains behind this video} and his three-member crew shot the video over 50 locations and have 150,000 stills {roughly 9 TB of data}. And you get to see all that in a five-minute video. Are you ready for the ride?

Read the full report by Scroll here.