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Delhi, Order Authentic Vietnamese Food To Your Place From This Home Kitchen

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What Makes It Awesome

Born out of nostalgia and love for Vietnamese food, coffee, and culture, VietnamEase Caphe is the home kitchen of Dhruv and Trang (yup, she’s Vietnamese!). Using locally sourced and homegrown ingredients, together, they have recreated Trang’s family recipes to bring you homestyle goodness. They deliver Vietnamese street-style favourites which include banh mi, noodle bowls with different toppings, pho, summer rolls, tamarind glazed chicken wings and mushroom bites!

When we tasted the food we were transported, there’s something to be said about home style versus restaurant food and this is the definition of it. Not that Delhi/NCR has authentic solely Vietnamese restaurants barring one, this is the way to be introduced to a nuanced cuisine like this. The Banh Mi baguette is spectacular and both the chicken and pork ones are noteworthy, distinctive flavours, fresh perfectly cooked meat, loads of fresh herbs and a dipping sauce, I wish they would bottle.

The Pho, that for me is the true blue and brand-new star, a delicate broth that is also robust at the same time, the softest of chicken slivers, fresh green herbs, and a chilli-garlic pouring vinegar that makes the bowl come alive, here’s where their packaging needs a special mention, everything comes neatly intact. I am looking forward to the summer rolls in the winter mainly because they’re so easy to wolf down as are the chicken wings where the tamarind play elevates the wings to a level no BBQ sauce can beat.

They’ve also launched picnic baskets with all their dishes paired with Vietnamese coffee and I plan to venture out just to get a hold of that! This is one home chef duo that is the epitome of home-style Asian food! 

What Could Be Better

Though all the flavours and freshness are very much in place, they could do with a little R&D in the vegetarian selection of dishes, I say this because we have a vegetarian family member at home and it’s always good to have a well-rounded menu to order from! 


Start with the customized picnic basket because this is what the menu looks like - Vietnamese pizzas, cari, summer rolls, banh mi, noodle bowls and banana tapioca coconut pudding.