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    Drives Like A Dream: Vintage Car Owners Share A Little About Their Passion

    Priya posted on 26 February


    MG Motor had a vintage car rally at Ambience Golf Course, Gurgaon and we were invited. Who does not dream of owning a beautiful vintage car? We certainly do! So, we had a conversation with vintage car owners about what it takes to own a car like this and here’s everything we found out. If you are the kind of person who considers themselves as CAR-ismatic, we suggest you read on!

    For The Right Reasons

    Like Mr. Amir Jetha, owner of the MG TD 1951 Roadster says, you can manage a vintage only if you have the passion for it. You need to know your car, work on it, drive it regular {not once a year}. Mr. Jetha has his own trustful mechanics that work on his car but he prefers working on the car on his own. He drives 5000 to 10000 kilometres a year in this car from dropping kids to school or going for ice creams with wife and sometimes even a trip from Mumbai to Pune! Imagine the stares!

    Your Car Is A Person

    Mr. Amit Maheshwary from Jaipur has an MG Midget 1965 Saloon, a convertible beauty. The sleek designs go perfectly with the car’s colour. Mr. Maheshwary claims that old cars have a heartbeat. You need to be in love with your car and every sound it makes will tell you if it is working fine or not. He has a permanent mechanic who takes care of his cars. He must be an owner of all kinds of cars but his first and forever love will always be these old cars.

    Dream And Make It Happen

    Jagruti Dave owner of MG B 1965 Convertible, is from Bandra and bought her car six years ago. This was her dream car since she was a kid and finally made it happen. It took her 2 years to restore the car. She prefers to take her car to Mr. Aslam from Reay Road who is a gem when it comes to caring for vintage cars. Since getting parts for the cars is a stretch here, she always imports the originals from outside. And no one can shy away from clicking a picture with this car.  Also, she has a person on-guard at all times around the car to prevent damage {What?!}. Her next love is the Rolls Royce Silver Cloud and she is hoping that she can get it someday.

    So, We Are Saying…

    Owning these beauties is kind of a power and you know what they say about power…it comes with great responsibility. But they have us charmed. Maybe we someday might get our hands on the MG Motor vintage cars or maybe we will just look at these pictures forever. Whatever the case may be, the rally and event were something fun and informative. We definitely will be able to identify these cars henceforth.
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