Vintage Posters, Upcycled Lamps & More: This E-store Lets You Buy & Sell One-Of-A-Kind Products


Claymango is an online marketplace where people can buy and sell the most unique collectables, men and women’s accessories, art and decor pieces. Need cool gifts or wish to up your decor game, this website is just the place.

Vintage Wonders

Started almost a year and a half ago by Amrit and Co-founder, Kushendra, Claymango aims to become a worldwide community of designers and creators who offer unique products in the market. While Amrit takes care of the design aspect of things, Kushendra’s an engineer who works on logistics. At present, they have about 20 indie designers and brands whose products are available on the Claymango website {including Monk, Paperpile, Gomaads and Deniable}.

We’re told that men’s wooden brooches, like this Rottweiler and Pug one have been selling like hot cakes, but we have our heart {& eyes} set on these vintage lamps. They’ve got a great variety too, including steampunk lamps {a bit on the pricier side}, a rustic cigar box Edison lamp and wooden lamps with a toggle switch. Can’t get enough of all things vintage? Check out their range of movie posters and collectables too.

Oh, we’re also crushing on their structured bags and minimal brown notebooks. Honestly, we think that Claymango is just one of those websites where you end up wanting to buy everything.

So, We're Saying..

The only bummer with Claymango is this: Since all the pieces are one-of-a-kind {especially the lamps}, once the product goes out of stock, you might have to wait for a considerable amount of time for another one. But aren’t they just so worth it?

They deliver across India, and if you’re a budding designer, be sure to hit them up. You just might get the chance to put your work out there and who knows, what other good things it might bring your way.