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Visit Aeroplanet In Dwarka For Cockpit Tours And Emergency Prep


    Aeroplanet is a unique facility that lets you board real life airplanes and get a feel of travelling by air without actually leaving the ground. From checking out the cockpit to learning how to deal with on-board emergencies, you can find quite a bit do here.

    Come, Fly With Me

    Whether or not you’ve travelled by air, we think Aeroplanet is a place that deserves a visit. They’ve positioned two life-sized and very real jet planes {an Airbus A 300 and a CRJ 200} which are open for the public to board, move around in, and check out. You can even walk into the cockpit where trained engineers will give you the deets on all the controls and components of the aircraft. The staff here can prepare you to deal with emergencies that you might encounter when you’re actually mid-air {although, we hope you never have to use these techniques IRL}. From the basics, like the use of oxygen mask & life jackets, to knowing what to do in case of a fire, they’ll train you well. One of their aircrafts is even equipped with movement that mimics air turbulence; just to give you a taste of the real thing.

    Make A Day Of It

    Aside from the aircraft-specific activities, Aeroplanet has a bunch of other things you can try out. With trampolines, balancing bars, rope trolley rides, and indoor court for cricket, basketball, and football, it comes as no surprise that this place is rather popular among the younger crowd.