Mehtab Bagh

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    Visit TajMahal with no crowd and long queues

    Rahul posted on 13 July

    What Did I Like?

    We went to Mehtab bagh to see one of the oldest park in Agra when we found the beautiful site of TajMahal with no crowd,queue and all the peace. TajMahal is so beautifully aligned with the park and best part is you can just sit and be amazed from the beauty of it. It is not very famous and that's because it is on other side of Yamuna. You just have to take a auto-rickshaw or Cab to reach there and there's only 20/- ticket to enter the park. If you are looking for some alone time with your love ones or a picnic may be- Spot is perfect for you. A picnic with most beautiful site is all you need to relax and enjoy your day.

    What Could Be Better?

    There is a lot of litter due to dry Yamuna

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    Mehtab Bagh

      Mehtab Bagh