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    Visit The Trade Fair 2016 For Stuff You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

    Rene posted on 16 November

    What Is It?

    India International Trade Fair 2016 will be open for public from Nov 19 and the theme this year is Digital India {progressive much?}.

    South Korea is the partner country and Belarus is the specific focus for 2016. There’ll be 7,000 participants thronging the exhibition area, calling out to you with fascinating wares. Just one word of advice: This place is not for the faint-hearted. 

    Who Is It For?

    Anyone who has a soft corner for handlooms and handicrafts that go beyond the usual, kitschy, touristy stuff that makes its way to Delhi markets.

    We hear that the stalls from a lot of Indian states are stocked to the brim. Fine metal artifacts from UP, woolies from Ladakh, traditional sarees from Odisha, black and red Naga waist coats and even locally-made perfumes from Andhra… there’s plenty of offbeat knick knacks you can pick up for your home and your wardrobe. Also, these goodies come at an equally good price.  

    Why Should I Go For It?

    If you’ve been to this insanely popular {read crowded} mela before, you know that the going will not be easy but totally believe us, it's totally worth every push and shove.

    This year, you have the chance to pick products from around 900 artisans and craftsmen from participating countries like Australia, Tibet, Bhutan, Hong Kong, Myanmar, Oman, Sri Lanka, UAE, UK and more.

    If you’re not into shopping, there’ll be cultural performances {see the calendar here} and everybody’s best friend - food.

    Anything Else?

    If you’re cash-strapped but still keen on making a visit, there will be 18 ATMs installed all over the venue. Also, guys, the government has finally introduced online ticketing {stop with the eye rolls, better late than never, right?}.

    A lot of handy information on tickets, entry, parking and more here.

    When: Nov 14 - 27

    Where: Pragati Maidan

    Timings: 9:30am - 7pm

    Featured photo source: India Trade Fair

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