Sign Up For A Good Deed: Here's How You Can Volunteer On Weekends

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ColoringLife is an initiative that brings together volunteers-on-the-lookout with NGOs that could use these volunteering services. Everything from the cause, the skills required and how much time the volunteer’s willing to dedicate are taken into consideration to ensure that both the parties get the best from these projects. If you ask us, this is just what we needed – at least not being able to find an NGO for the weekends won’t be an excuse anymore.

Matches Made Simple

How exactly do you go about finding a volunteering gig that’ll be perfectly in sync with the cause that brings out the bleeding heart in you? Perhaps you’re also unsure if an NGO will accommodate you on weekdays/weekends so the project fits seamlessly in your current schedule. So, here’s the solution. ColoringLife lets you narrow your search based on cities and your particular skill sets.

What this means is, whether you’re someone who thinks that the underprivileged children deserve a better life or someone who’s always surrounded by street dogs who love your belly rubs, the good peeps at ColoringLife take it upon themselves to find an NGO that could use your love and time without you having to embark on a tedious search yourself. Sounds simple? Well, it really is.

So Many Causes, So Little Time

The community here is spreading its wings and adding more volunteering opportunities by the day. This, however, shouldn’t stop you from trying it out just yet. They’ve got a whole bunch of NGOs working for disaster relief, for women empowerment, underprivileged kids, environment conservation, senior residents’ care and other causes.

It might be something as small as planting a tree, designing a logo for a new NGO or even teaching yoga or dancing to children on the weekends. There’s no dearth of things you can do with this initiative.

The best part: They also have virtual options available {teaching over Skype, for instance} if you can’t be there in person. Or, they connect you with NGOs and you’re free to discuss exactly when you’re available {on weekdays or weekends} so there are fewer chances that there’ll be commitment issues and neither party ends up heart broken.

So, We're Saying...

You might be buried under excel sheets for now but as days roll by, it might dawn on you that life’s more than just office/college/routine and then, we’re telling you that the only thing that’ll come close to making your life feel worthwhile again will be doing something unconditional… something that brings joy back into someone else’s life.


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