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We Mean To Clean

Always Dreamed Of A Cleaner Delhi? Stop Complaining & Join These Volunteers


We Mean To Clean {WMTC} is a Delhi and NCR based volunteer group that consists of well-meaning, motivated individuals who take to the roads to initiate cleanliness drives and drive awareness programmes. Basically, they are students and young professionals like us who were sick of seeing the dirty picture and knew that nothing good’s ever come out of drawing room rants.

Will You Get Your Hands Dirty?

How often have you passed a murky pavement and cursed the government? A few odd times at least, right? Well, this group of volunteers were tired of everyone thinking it was the government {or someone else’s} fault.  So, they decided to get together and take matters in their own hands because let’s face it, if the city stinks {literally and metaphorically}, it’s as much on its citizens as on the government chaps. 

The intention behind the initiative is simple: To clean up the city one market and one tiny pocket at a time. So far, Noida City Centre, the spot outside Max Hospital in Saket and Janak Cinema Complex have been swept, polished and painted. In fact, after the areas are freshly showered, these volunteers don’t just move on to a newer site. They take the time to sensitise the locals of the area towards hygiene and sanitation so they continue to keep it the way the WMTC guys leave it. 

Want to play a part? They’ll be more than happy to make you a part of these meet-ups. Or, you can buy these T-shirts they just printed and all the proceeds {including the artists’ fee} will go towards funding the cause.


So, We're Saying...

If the filthy patch close to your office sees a miraculous makeover, you now know who to thank.

The group organises cleanliness meets weekly/fortnightly and you can keep yourself updated by visiting their website.