Paleo Diet Followers - V’s Bake Shop Shows You How to Get Some Sugar

Aditi posted on 07 July

Agreed, the Paleolithic people knew how to treat their bodies well. Fruit, veggies and lean meats; nothing processed, no grains or dairy, nothing that could be produced before the wheel was invented. It sounds so right in principle, it’s no wonder that so many people are turning to this ancient wisdom for better health and well-being.

But one can’t help wonder, what happened when Paleo people needed some spoils? What happened when they broke up, when they had a bad day out in the woods, when their partners went and did the complete opposite of what they’d discussed, when neighbours were snarly or when babies were moody? What happened, to put it simply, when they needed some chocolate?

All we can say is that Vidhi Gupta would have been a pretty great person to know at the time. Through a ton of research and some very tempting exercises in trial and error, V’s Bake Shop has come up with a fantastic range of goodies that are paleo-friendly. That means chocolate chip cookies and lemon squares without gluten or diary, and select vegan items like orange peel cookies without both of the above, and no eggs either.

Here’s the best part. If you hadn’t told us how virtuous they were, we wouldn’t have known. So so good! Every bite was brilliant. Our absolute favourite was the gluten and dairy free Banana Walnut Loaf, which made our mornings so much brighter. {It is technically a bread, and bread is respectable breakfast food!}

For when our Paleo friends had a cheat day, Vidhi also does regular treats like brownies and cheesecake. Baked at home by a girl who loves her wardrobe as much as she does her dough, even the guilty pleasures are made to be as healthful as possible. So you can have an M&M Cookie or a Kit Kat Brownie, knowing that all the other sweetness comes from organic maple syrup or organic honey.

V’s Bake Shop operates on orders only, and while it costs a bit more than pennies in a cookie jar, we feel better knowing that they only use nut oils and nut butters, which aren’t cheap or easy to get our hands on.

Most importantly – VERY delicious, with a capital V.

Where: Pick up from Chattarpur. Delivery to parts of South Delhi and Gurgaon possible.

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Contact: +91- 98990 99333

Prices: Box of 16 brownies at INR 1600. Tea cakes from INR 650 to 1650. Paleo & vegan items at INR 1000 to 1650. 9 inch specialty cakes at INR 2550.

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