You Can Gobble Up Wafflesome’s Amazing Waffles Till Midnight!

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This cupboard-sized eatery called out to us with its sparkly lights and we discovered that the offerings here are pure gold. Wafflesome bulldozes the best waffles in town and also provides a sugar fix post midnight. Happy New Year?

Batter Than Every Other Place

Because Nutella would’ve been too obvious a choice, we went for the Apple Cinnamon and Blueberry waffles. The perfectly shiny, buttery waffles came stuffed with cream and a delicious aftertaste. While the Apple Cinnamon emerged as the clear winner, the blueberry wasn’t too far behind.

A regular at Wafflesome also went as far as to claim that these waffles beat the best five star hotels with its super soft texture. She swore by the Nutella version that came sprinkled with crunchy nuts and vanilla ice cream on the side.

There’s also one with fresh strawberries and another with bananas and caramel sauce… we’re attacking those on our next visit.

So, We’re Saying…

There’s just one table where you gotta huddle around and eat and honestly, the Lemon Mint Iced Tea tasted a bit like cold toothpaste but hey, it’s totally worth it going here for waffles and waffles only.

Photos source: Wafflesome