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Wag with Swag: Customised Wag Boxes for your Dog



    Heads Up For Tails makes customised Wag Boxes for your dog, filling them with snacks, grooming products, toys, sweaters and accessories to suit your dog’s personality.

    What's in the Box?

    The Wag Box is essentially a customised box for your pooch, filled with a bunch of things they feel your pet will enjoy. You start by filling out a brief but relevant form–the dog’s size, level of activity, favourite toys, vegetarian or non-vegetarian– this is serious stuff!

    I chose the one-month subscription, and after a quick online payment {they also have cash on delivery}, waited with bated breath.

    My Experience

    The box arrived on time as promised. It looked reasonably big {and this wasn’t just the packaging}. Out came my dog, Buster’s favourite toys {a soccer stud and a giant ball}, a blueberry shampoo from Pet Head, a T-shirt that read “Drool is Cool,” biscuits in different flavours {including wholewheat chicken crackers} and an awesome fridge magnet {that one was for me}.

    My favourite though, was the bag of diet strawberry popcorn – I had hinted that Buster enjoyed watching movies with my sister and me. As a dog lover who is constantly shopping for her pooch, I can safely say that the Wag Box is great value for money, is designed to be right up your dog’s alley, and is a lovely surprise for both dog and owner.

    More than that, you don’t need to go looking for stuff to keep your dog warm, well turned out or entertained; just fill out the form and the Wag Box has it covered.

    Where: Order online here

    Price: INR 9,999 for a six-month subscription {prices vary with subscription duration}

    Find them on Facebook here.