Waggle: An Airbnb And Home Away From Home For Your Pooch

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Perfect for when you’re going away on a short trip and can’t find a homestay for your pup, Waggle’s online community is a place to connect doggie parents and puppy lovers.

Puppy Love

Pet parents, who love taking a short trip every now and then, needn’t worry about having to leave their dear doggies in uncomfortable kennels anymore. They can happily log on to Waggle, an online community that connects dog owners with dog lovers who are willing to open their homes for your pooch.

Started in 2013 by Arjun Mathai and Samira Abraham, the web portal is almost like an Airbnb for dog parents and sitters. So, you can expect hosts all the way from Gurgaon to Noida {with Delhi in between}, ready to take care of your doggie while you’re away.

Dog Days

Be it families with dogs of their own, or working professionals who love pups but can’t keep one due to their busy schedule, the website lists posts from individuals who are ready to host and take care of your dog. You can pick a suitable one and send a reservation request with information about your dog and the travel dates {a week’s notice is recommended, ideally}, which can then be accepted or declined by the host.

Some sitters even schedule a visit to familiarise themselves with your pet dog {and vice-versa, of course}.

The rates are fixed by the hosts and once you’re done with the process, you can happily leave your pooch in safe hands {and homes} and go on your trip {although ones of long duration aren’t encouraged}.