Bhuli Bhatiyari Mahal is a hunting lodge built by one of the Tughlaq kings in the fourteenth century. A sign outside the structure prohibits people from entering the premises after sunset. Stories on the internet state that the place is haunted, and people even claim to have heard ghostly whispers here in the middle of the night. Needless to say, nobody really wants to hover around this one for too long, and thus, the place remains unguarded.

The entry gates lead to an open courtyard with low-ceiling, cave-like rooms along the inside walls. There are stairs in the courtyard that lead to an upper level, which looks like another, smaller courtyard. We went for a stroll around the whole place with a camera in our hand; take a look below.

IMG_1183 IMG_1195 IMG_1202 IMG_1208 IMG_1264 IMG_1340 IMG_1332 IMG_1287 IMG_1271

Where: Central Ridge Reserve Forest {behind Jhandewalan metro station}

All images by Abhishek Khanna.