Redecorating? We're Helping You Out With Wall Patterns

    There is no better way to welcome spring than by adding a dash of colour to your home. We’re focusing on getting our bare walls all spruced up this season. We’ve compiled a bunch of looks for you to choose from, depending on the rest of your furniture and decor. Choose wisely and give people a glimpse of your great taste.

    Peony Garden Wall Coverings

    Works Best For: The bedroom with a four poster bed

    Create a picture-perfect room with this classy wall covering that is a great choice for your bedroom. The wall covering is not single coloured so you can use contrasting colours like green or maroon for the linen and the cushions.

    Add a small bedside table and you might be tempted to stay in bed forever {if you aren’t already}.

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    Rain Dance Wall Coverings

    Works Best For: For the living room with an elegant sofa set

    This stunning wall covering brings to life, casual beach vibes. The best part? It goes with most types of furniture and lets you experiment. While we love the elegance that this simple sofa adds to the room, you can just add a comfy arm chair in the corner and the result will be equally impressive.

    Don’t forget to add some indoor plants in the corner to complete the look.

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    Ocean Enchanted Wall Coverings

    Works best for: The dining room with a statement dining table

    Pretty colours like sea green and fiery red can go a long way in brightening up your dining room. And nothing hits the mark like this wall covering which also makes for a great conversation starter.

    Want to take it up a notch? Add a gorgeous cutlery set, which is sure to take your dinner scenes to the next level.

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    Damascus Wall Covering

    Works Best For: A study with a sturdy wooden table

    A beautiful study is a great addition to any homes. And this extravagant pink and golden wall covering has a rich texture that goes perfectly well with all types of furniture. But we recommend, you keep the furniture simple, because the wall covering is in itself quite a show-stealer.

    Add some pretty antique lamps and you’re all set. Win-win guys.

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    Coral Bay Wall Coverings

    Works Best For: The living room with an antique wooden chest

    So, while wooden and antique furniture have their own charm, make sure that the wall covering you select is unique while at the same time matches with the tone of your room. Let your home be a celebration of elegance, after all a beautiful home is a reflection of your personality.

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    Ranthambore Wallpapers

    Works Best For: The elegant tea room

    If you have always wanted to feel like royalty, this wall covering is sure to take you a step closer to that dream. With elements of royal safaris and palatial hunting tents, this one is sure to make you feel like you have stepped right into a history book. Perfect for history lovers, who have a penchant for travel.

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