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Wanna Kick Some Butt? Unique Martial Arts That'll Teach You How

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The city has quite a bit of martial arts forms from all over the world you can learn to defend yourself from pretty much everything, and here’s a lowdown.


This form originated in Kerala and is one of the oldest in the world. It combines the art of attack and defence and is a complete form of physical training. In case you’re looking to make your body more flexible, it might just be everything you might be looking for in a physical activity!

Kalari Kendram in Delhi offers some excellent courses. Find out more here.


Silat is a collective form of martial arts from South-East Asia, mostly in countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam , Singapore, Thailand and Southern Philippines. Pencak Silat, a derivative of Silat, originates from Indonesia and usually involves full-body fighting with strikes, grappling and throwing, as opposed to weapons.

Delhi Pencak Silat Association holds classes in Delhi. Get in touch with them here.

Jiu Jitsu

This Brazilian form mostly focuses on on-the-ground fighting, using natural body strength to obtain control over the opponent.

Find out more here

Jeet Kune Do

This form of martial art follows Bruce Lee’s philosophy {who also founded it}, fcussing on attacking just when the opponent is about to attack. It’s all about minimum body movement with maximum effect.

Jeet Kune Do, Athletic Club India holds classes all over Delhi. Check them out here.


Kali, a Filipino martial arts, teaches one how to fight with/against sharp or blunt weapons like knives, iron rods, sticks, bats, swords, knuckle dusters and the like. They even teach you how to use your phones, keys, pen {or anything else sharp or solid around you} to use as weapons for some self defence.

Find out more here.


A Brazilian form of martial arts that beautifully synchronises dance with music and acrobatics. Don’t be fooled by how elegant this may sound; it’s known for its quick and complex moves, using a lot of power, speed and agility.

Delhi Rock holds a lot of classes and they’re not too expensive to take, either. Check out more info here.