Wanna Spend Your Weekend Chilling At Home With Adorable Dogs? Here's How!

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Gurgaon-based startup, Fur Ball Story has a foolproof plan to tackle stress – puppies!

On Cloud Ca-Nine

Introducing pet therapy at corporate offices, schools, universities and even homes, Fur Ball Story has a furry army that’s been recruited to brighten your day. Science says that being around doggies can reduce stress tremendously and increase happiness infinitely; studies and reports by Harvard Medical School have backed these claims and, so, pet therapy services are all the rage in the West.

At present, Fur Ball Story has adopted three adorable dogs {a Golden Retriever, a Labrador and a Shih Tzu} who will pop by your office {or your house} and spend some time with you. Tummy rubs, a game of catch, or just lots of snuggles – there’s nothing that’s as relaxing as puppy therapy.

Paw & Order

In addition to reduced stress, pet therapy prompts a decrease in blood pressure and an increase in serotonin and dopamine which helps in fighting depression and aids in relaxation. Apart from helping people and companies understand the benefits of pet therapy; Fur Ball Story encourages potential pet-owners to adopt, not shop by sensitizing them to the situation of strays in the city.

How can you make this happen? Drop Fur Ball Story an email at info@furballstory.com or give them a call on +91 9811266945 or +91 9811006860 and they’ll take it from there.


Puppies at work – what’s not to love about this? We’ve always believed that the best way to live is to be surrounded by lots and lots of dogs and Fur Ball Story makes that dream come true – at least for a little bit.


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