Be More Social With These 9 Ways To Make New Friends In Delhi

Rene posted on 02 January

Guilty of being a social recluse and spending most of your time just staying in bed and binge-watching TV shows? Well, that’s essentially all of us. 

But all’s not lost. Stop overworking your PJs ASAP, because we’ve zeroed in on communities and places that’ll help you expand your social circle beyond your weekend gang, and meet interesting folks you’d otherwise never cross paths with.


The folks at Scoot host theme-based networking parties at people’s houses. Their idea is to let people mingle in informal settings that often involve terraces or drawing rooms. Right from movie marathons to BBQ dinners, GOT get-togethers or salsa nights, they have explored multiple formats. The best bit; you can BYOB. 

Another great group to hang out with, is Open Out (they’ll make an entry into Delhi soon), and we’re waiting to sign up for their art, design and food-based experiences. Or, there’s Let’s Dino that hosts hobby-based and food oriented get-togethers.


Die-hard foodies, EatWithIndia is your chance at discovering the best home chefs and the most authentic regional food. Although the group has now branched into bigger, more royal events at embassies but a one-off Rajasthani, Kumaoni or Assamese food pop-up dinners are still on their radar. Commeat does similar foodie hangouts, with a range of everything from Thai to Afghani… You know, just in case the EatWithIndia folks don’t have a meet-up close to you. 

Zorba The Buddha

We’ve met such a motley bunch of friendly folks at Zorba’s many workshops that we’d totally recommend trying it out. It is, in fact, a very relaxing place in itself, and we’ve found ourselves there just to get our groove back sometimes. Drum circle, pottery, meditation, expressive dance, alternative healing, Madhubani, or their hugely loved residential festival, Tattva {a close cousin of The Burning Man}… all of these are ticketed events and the meal is paid for but it’s still going to be worth every penny.  

Keep track of all their upcoming activities here.  

Classes & Workshops

7, Tropical Drive, Ghitorni, New Delhi

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Dog Friendly Cafes

What’s better than hanging out with your happy puppy and meeting more pet-parents like yourself? The doggo gets treats and attention, while you get to exchange notes with folks with similar pup stories.

We have a whole list of cafes for you to pick where you can head next.


A community that came together exclusively for the love of sharing travel stories, itineraries, tips and learnings, FoundOnAllFours now grown with all kinds of artists, wanderers, dancers, musicians, storytellers and an interesting mix of people from diverse backgrounds coming together regularly to catch up. 

If discussing travel stories makes you want to finally make a solo trip happen, try Jugni for an all women’s holiday or Travel Troovel for a vacation based on your interests and hobbies.

People Library

A relatively novel concept, People Library lets you share your stories and ideas with an anonymous person without judgement. If the idea of reading people instead of books appeals to you, sign up for their Delhi chapter next and you can figure if its your jam. Find more info here.

Kunzum Travel Cafe

This Hauz Khas cafe is a place to kick back and learn a thing or two through their workshops. Sign up for their poetry slams, discussions, film screenings or just grab a cup of coffee as you chat up a fellow wanderer and plan your next trekking trip. The possibilities are endless.


T-49, Ground Floor, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi

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Co-Working Spaces

Enjoy the liberty of freelancing or someone who’s just living the freelance life? You sure know how you can bump into the coolest folks at co-working spaces. We’ve got a list of help you find a desk {and a few friends}. Share your lunch with them, and for all you know, you chaps might have your own startup next.